Visiting Judges

René Rudin

SV Judge

Dog Handler Armed Forces

Division Sport Dogs Examinations Categories BH, VPG 1-3, IPO 1-3 and FH. Substitute of the SC National Team European Championship in 1978.

Judge Jung Dogs Class, SV Germany, 1975

Character Judge, SC Switzerland, 1979

Breeder of German Shepherd Dogs, 1979 Kennel Name „vom grand Filou“

Show- and Breed Judge, SKG and SC 1982, Breed Survey Judge 1985 Breed Judge, SV 1982 (final examination under then president Mr. Hermann

Member Central Board, SC, 1986 – 2011, Honorary Member to the SC

Founder of the Association of recognized training organizations for Specialists Training in the field of Cynology, Association Cynology
Switzerland (VKAS)