Visiting Judges

Robert Lang

SV JUdge

Born 11. August 1959, have two sons, 25 Sebastian and Martin 30 Years old. Married with Danielle since August 2015. My first German Shepherd I had when I have been 12 years old. Since there I trained over 100 German Shepherds for IPO, Körung and Shows.

I have been a member of the SV for over 40 years and am currently a breed judge and Pressewart for the SV. I am actively judging, breeding and training in Germany and also judging internationally. My past successes include Auslese dogs, Sieger Champion dogs, Vice Sieger dogs, and many dogs ranked in the top 20 in the Bundes Sieger Zuchtschau. My own breeding is known all over the world and some dogs are still actively breeding champions across the globe.

My kennel name is “vom Arkanum” and I still love to breed, train and since 3 years now judge this wonderful breed The German Shepherd dog.