Visiting Judges

Bernd Weber

SV Judge

Herr Bernd Weber is a dedicated professional in the field of law enforcement, with a focus on criminal police work, particularly in the area of internet-related criminal activities. He embarked on his career journey in 1978 when he joined the SV, and from that point forward, he has been passionately involved in the training of German Shepherd Dogs.

Herr Bernd Weber's dedication and expertise have earned him the prestigious Golden Award for Police Dog Handlers. Several years after embarking on his dog breeding endeavours, he had his first litter, nurturing a female named "Welle vom Fockbeker See." Since then, he has consistently produced 1-2 litters per year. His commitment to excellence extends beyond breeding, as he regularly showcases his dogs with great success at the German Shepherd National Conformation Show.

For a period of five years, Herr Bernd Weber served as a teacher for dog helpers participating in dog working trials within the Landesgruppe Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein. His deep knowledge and experience in the field culminated in 1995 when he was chosen to judge the working trials at the prestigious German Shepherd National Conformation Show in Hamburg. In 2004, he further expanded his role in the world of dog shows by becoming a certified judge for conformation events.

Together with his wife, Herr Bernd Weber takes a hands-on approach to training their dogs. Their dedication and expertise have clearly been passed down, as their children have already succeeded as dog handlers in breed shows.