Visiting Judges

Margit van Dorssen

SV Judge

My name is Margit van Dorssen, and I live in Cologne. I am married and have one daughter.

I have been breeding German Shepherd Dogs for 45 years under the kennel name von Arlett. During my work as a trainer and dog handler, I attached great importance to – whenever possible – presenting my own dogs during the competitions they participated in.

In 1996, I began my career as a breeding judge for German Shepherd Dogs.

I am pleased about my appointment as a breeding judge at the WUSV-World Championship UNIVERSAL in Switzerland in 2023 – in particular, because I have always been interested in the more universal aspects of German Shepherd Dogs in trial and breeding.

My basic philosophy aims at breeding dogs with excellent structures who can also be used as working dogs. In the breeding programme of the "von Arlett" kennel, dogs of grey and black coat colour are frequently used. Winners of universal shows who participated in national and international events were the "fruit" of my kennel.

My work in recent years has focused on the encouragement and motivation of young dog handlers.

  • Since 1978, I have been active as a breeder for German Shepherd Dogs, with 383 litters.
  • 1996 Appointment as a breeding judge – since that time, I judged approximately 400 national and international shows – twice during the BSZ Conformation Show.
  • In 2001, I was appointed as Breed Survey Master and have evaluated 106 breed survey competitions in Germany and at a worldwide level.
  • I judged Siegerschauen in about 25 different countries. In 2017, I had the honour to judge German Shepherd Dogs on the occasion of the World Dog Show in Leipzig, to which a total of 31,000 dogs of all kinds of breeds were registered.
  • Dogs with ranking VA from the „von Arlett“ kennel on German Siegerschauen:
  • Ulk, Huppy, Ghandi, Peperoni
  • 27 progeny groups from „von Arlett“- fathers on German Siegerschauen (Agent, Joker, Ulk, Flick, Nicco, Huppy, Rickor, Ghandi, Flipp)
  • Breeding Groups "von Arlett": participation 14 times, 2 times 2. place, 3 times 3. place, as well as one time the second place and one time the third place with my group of grey coat colour.
  • In 1997, I was the head of the committee for the BSZ Conformation Show, which obtained a record number of registrations.