Visiting Judges

Hans-Peter Fetten

WUSV Breed Judge

GSD Kennel ‘vom Finkenschlag

SV Member since 1967
SV Breed Judge since 1990
Group Breed Warden since 1993
Member SV Breed Committee 1993
Breed Surveyor since 1996
WUSV Breed judge since 2014

For over 40 years, OG official as attack helper, training warden, cashier, secretary, breed warden, and President.

Endowed with the big dog sports handler badge and the Silver Merit Clasp of the SV, the Golden Badge of Honor of the SV, the Golden Breeder Badge and the Golden Badge of Honor of the VDH Nederland.

Many exhibition successes with top rankings on the BSZS winner dog shows.

Has officiated as a breeding judge in the countries:

America, Australia, Belgium, China, Denmark, Germany, England, Estonia, France, Finland, Holland, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Kazakhstan, Canada, Colombia, Latvia, Mexico, Malaysia, Norway, New Zealand, Austria, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovenia, Scotland, Turkey, Hungary, Ukraine, Belarus.