V Juwika Destroyer ()

General Information

Height At Withers: , , cm Depth Of Chest: 0.00 cm
Chest Circumference: 0 cm Weight: 0.00 kg
Colour & Markings: Black - Brown Hair: Stock Hair

Breed Survey Report:

Large dog with good head, excellent withers, very good back, good croup, very good front and hind angulations, very good forechest, straight coming and going. Correct front, ground covering gait with very good front reach and good hind thrust. TSB pronounced.

Assessment During Stand and While Moving

Gender Characteristics: Constitution:
Expression: Proportions:
Bones: Musculature:
Stand And Limbs - Front: Stand And Limbs - Rear:
Back: Elbow Closure:
Front Pastern Firmness: Front:
Croup: Hock Firmness:
Gait: Trot Front:
Trot Hind Thrust: Nails:
Feet: Head:
Eye Color: Upper Jaw:
Lower Jaw: Bite:
Teeth Faults: Neutered: No
Hip: Normal Elbows: Normal DNA Status: Proven

Breed Surveyor