SG Cara von Herrlingen (KP 78430)

General Information

Height At Withers: 62, 62, 62 cm Depth Of Chest: 29.00 cm
Chest Circumference: 76 cm Weight: 31.00 kg
Colour & Markings: Black - Brown Hair: Long-Stock Hair with Undercoat

Breed Survey Report:

At the Limit for Size, Strong, with a very good head and expression, high withers. Straight firm back. good front and hind angulations. Front feet are long. Short and low set croup. Straight coming and narrow going. Good movement where front reach should be more free.

Particular Virtues and Faults:

Should be more confident

Assessment During Stand and While Moving

Gender Characteristics: Clear Constitution: Strong
Expression: Slightly Unfriendly Proportions: Ideally Stretched
Bones: Strong Musculature: Strong
Stand And Limbs - Front: Good Stand And Limbs - Rear: Very Good
Back: Firm Elbow Closure: Good
Front Pastern Firmness: Sufficient Front: Slightly Open Stand
Croup: Short; Deep Hock Firmness: Sufficient
Gait: Front Stright Movement; Rear Narrow Movement Trot Front: Can Be More Free
Trot Hind Thrust: Positive Nails: Dark
Feet: Front Slightly Long Head: Strong
Eye Color: Dark Upper Jaw: Strong
Lower Jaw: Strong Bite: Healthy
Teeth Faults:
Hip: Fast Normal Elbows: Normal DNA Status: Not Available
Advice, Recommendations & Warnings for Selection of a Breeding Partner:

Very Big. Size should be a consideration considering a suitable Male

Breed Surveyor