Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Inspection of Litters

The Breeder shall request the First Inspection of the Litter via the designated online form, within 72 hours (03 Days) of the Litter being born. Subject to the request being received, the first inspection shall be carried out by the relevant Group Breed Warden within 07 days of the litter's whelping date. Litters with no record of the First inspection will be denied registration.

The Second Inspection shall be carried out just prior to microchipping of the litter.

Microchip Procedure

The relevant online Litter Registration form should be submitted by the 6th week of the whelping date. The litter shall be micro-chipped by 09 weeks of age. The Microchip insertions will be done by the concerned Group Breed Warden, at the premises of the breeder. The Group Breed Warden shall also verify that the breeder has retained the litter. Microchip shall be inserted/placed below the left ear.

Microchip and Inspection Charges

Litter inspection fee - for both, the First and Second inspections - within the same Station/City, shall be Rs. 3,000 (Rupees Three Thousand only) and out of Station/City shall be Rs. 6,000 (Rupees Six Thousand only). The fee for Microchip insertion, is Rs. 500 per puppy.

Litter Inspection and Microchip Insertion fees are not to be confused with litter registration fee, published at the “Subscription & Fee Structure” page.

In Case of One or More Puppies Missing from Litter

Only puppies present at the breeder’s premises, at the time of the insertion of microchips by the Group Breed Warden, will be micro-chipped. If for any reason whatsoever, one or more puppies from the same litter are not present at the time of microchip insertion, the following penalties may be levied at the discretion of the Group Breed Warden:

  • Fine of Rs. 40,000.
  • DNA Samples of the entire litter shall be sent for Analysis and Registration withheld until the results have been received.
  • The Group Breed Warden may decline to microchip the entire litter resulting in the registration being denied.