News & Updates

News & Updates

The GSDCP and The WUSV

The GSDCP and the WUSV read now

Notification Regarding Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

Important notification regarding exhibition of dogs without HIP and Elbow Dysplasia Scores. read now

Letter from the President SV & WUSV

The President SV & WUSV wrote an open letter, which is being published here for the benefit of our members. read now

Notice - Termination of Membership

Notification regarding Termination of Membership of Mr. Saqib Islam Rana (Membership No. T-1066), Mr. Saeed Anwar Raza (Membership No. T-1057) and Syed Maisam Ali Rizvi (Membership No. T-1050) read now

Notice – Reinstatement of Membership

Notification regarding reinstatement of Dr. Faisal Kahn's membership. read now