Appendix Register - Stud Book 2


Dear Members,

In line with the WUSV German Shepherd Dog Breeding program, the GSDCP is pleased to announce an appendix register, "Stud Book 2", specifically for purebred German Shepherd Dogs not registered with the club. This would provide an alternative for owners of purebred - albeit unregistered - German Shepherds and allow them to enjoy the ownership of a healthy GSD still.

  1. Owners seeking to have their dogs (at or over 12 months of age) registered in the Stud Book 2 must fill out the requisite online form at
  2. Dogs entered in Stud Book 2 shall be eligible for breeding and to participate in all GSDCP and KCP events.
  3. A Certificate of Registration shall be issued to all dogs newly registered in Stud Book 2.
  4. Since the GSDCP cannot guarantee the lineage of any dogs registered in Stud Book 2, no pedigree information shall be entered at the time of registration.
  5. All dogs seeking entry in Stud Book 2 must be presented before a GSDCP National Judge for inspection.
  6. All dogs being entered in the Stud Book 2 will need to be microchipped by an official of the GSDCP.
  7. Submitting a DNA sample for analysis shall be mandatory when microchipping.
  8. The owners shall present all dogs listed in Stud Book 2 - 15 months of age or older - for a mandatory HD/ED diagnosis. Dogs in Stud Book 1 or 2 graded Middle or Severe for HD or ED shall be de-registered from all Stud Books.
  9. Bitches registered in Stud Book 2 can be bred to Dogs registered in Stud Book 1. However, their offspring shall remain in Stud Book 2 until their pedigrees carry complete information for at least four (4) generations. Once the pedigree of a dog in Stud Book 2 has complete information for four (4) generations, the dog's owner can apply for the dog to be moved to the primary register - Stud Book 1.
  10. A maximum show grading of Very Good (SG) - in any class - shall be allowed to a dog/bitch registered in Stud Book 2.


We hope that this appendix register - Stud Book 2 - will provide owners of unregistered German Shepherd Dogs an opportunity to participate in our activities and help preserve the breed's health and integrity.

These rules may be amended from time to time.

Please email with any questions/concerns you may have.



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