Fradulent Registration Documents - Buyer Beware!


It has come to the Club's notice that some criminal-minded individuals are perpetrating a fraud on the unsuspecting public by selling them puppies/dogs with forged documents. They claim that these documents have been issued by the GSDCP.

One such document which has come to our attention is a so-called “Registration Certificate” (attached herewith)

Fraudulent Dog Registration Certificate










The General Public is notified that;

  1. The GSDCP does not issue any such “Registration Certificate”
  2. Information contained in any document issued by the GSDCP can always be verified online via the GSDCP Portal –
  3. The GSDCP does not have any offices in the country other than the office(s) mentioned on our website –
  4. Records of all dogs registered in the GSDCP Stud Book are available publicly via our online database at



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