Puppy Buyers Beware!


The coat colours BLUE and WHITE in German Shepherd Dogs are not permitted and not recognized by SV, GSDCP, WUSV and all WUSV Member organizations. The Breed Standard for the German Shepherd Dog only allows for "black with reddish-brown, brown and yellow to light grey markings; single-coloured black, grey with the same colours as black or with darker shading, dark saddle and mask"

A "Blue Shepherd" or "White Shepherd" is therefore never registered as a German Shepherd Dog. The pet owning public is being duped into believing that animals with these coat colours are desirable and rare, warranting special notoriety or a premium purchase price.

Over the past few years a limited number of “breeders” have advertised and sold dogs they represent to be German Shepherd Dogs with either a Blue or White coat colour — hence the terms “Blue Shepherd” or "White Shepherd".

The public at large is strongly advised to not be misled into believing that these are "rare" colours and deserve a premium price. These puppies cannot be registered or bred from.


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