Reg Number: N/A
Whelped: November 30, 2008
DNA Status: Not Available
Foreign Reg #: DK-00159/2009
Microchip / Tattoo No: D 00159
Survey Period: 2010 - 2011
HD / ED: Almost Normal / Normal  Achievements: SchH1 IPO2

Pedigree: View Full Pedigree

I Parents
II Grand Parents
III G.Grand Parents
  • Team Paka's Hekla (V)
  • March 08, 2006

  • DK-05433/2006

  • HD / ED Almost Normal - Normal
    DNA Not Available.

  • Zamp vom Thermodos (VA(BSZS))
  • January 27, 2002

  • SZ-2101021

  • HD / ED Normal - Normal
    DNA Stored.

  • Team Paka's Daria (V)
  • November 28, 2003

  • DK-22019/2003

  • HD / ED Almost Normal - Normal
    DNA Not Available.



General Information
Height At Withers:59, , cmColour & Markings:Black - Brown
Hair:Stock Hair

Breed Survey Report:
Over medium size, medium strong, noble, dry and firm, very harmoniously built female of excellent type. Pronounced feminine gender. Very dark colour. Very expressive head. High wither, firm back, good length and lay of croup. Good front angulation, excellent hind angulation. Harmonic fore-chest, absolutely correct front. Ground covering, harmonious, powerful movements with very good reach, during which she carries her top-line absolutely correct. TSB pronounced

Breed Surveyor Michael Lumby


Dog shows / Work results
Record not found.

VA(DK) * Team Paka's Pandora